Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Hanging on by a thread.

The level of stress you’re experiencing now is way beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

You're not sleeping well, constantly on edge, and one second away from exploding at those around you.

And what feels worse is that you can’t even feel calm when you're alone, in fact, the anxiety worsens when you’re not able to distract yourself.

You've tried so many different ways to get your emotions under control but nothing works for very long.

Getting you back in the driver's seat.

DBT, helps you learn about your behavioral patterns and helps you change them in order to live a life that is free of suffering.

Especially if you have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), then DBT can be a life savior.

Once we let go of the things that cause us to suffer in our lives, everything changes.

6 Benefits of Learning and Using DBT:

You’ll be able to communicate your wants and needs to others in an effective way where you actually get what you are asking for.

You will be able to survive an emotional crisis without resorting to harmful means.

People will want to be around you and you’ll be able to maintain important relationships.

You will be able to focus better at work, with friends and family, as well as when engaging in life’s smaller moments.

You will gain or increase respect and love for yourself.

You will become an expert problem solver as you will know all of your options.

What makes DBT different from traditional talk therapy?

In DBT, we're really focused in on behavior modification and emotion regulation, and as such, you will be taught skills on how to achieve the goals you want to reach.

What will I learn in DBT?

So much, honestly, too much to write out here. Here are the four modules in DBT:


-Interpersonal Effectiveness

-Emotion Regulation

-Distress Tolerance

We’ll work together to help you gain acceptance for the person you are today, and work to change so you can experience life for the better.


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