Family Therapy

Distance and disconnection.

Your family feels distant.

Maybe there are only arguments, tension, or no talking at all.

Each of you probably feel a mixture of emotions - anger, fear, missing someone, or grief.

You want things to change, but don’t know what would help at this point.

Perhaps, you or a loved one are also in eating disorder recovery, and the family wants to learn more about support and communication within the recovery process.

Even with the best of intentions and efforts, it has been difficult to get on the same page as a family.

Comfort and connection are possible.

Family therapy works.

Family therapy can help your family reconnect and strengthen your relationships. Therapy will help each person communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs, and create a plan to help you all approach problems more effectively.

Within family therapy, each person will learn coping skills, practice effective communication, and also learn how to appropriately express their feelings that have been bottled up.

Family therapy can also specifically assist your family with learning about eating disorders, the recovery process, and different ways to support your loved one.

Overall, family therapy can help you learn more about each other and how to support one another. While one person may be in recovery, everyone benefits from support.

You will finally feel relief and be able to let go of anxiety around the family.

Therapy also offers accountability and progress towards your goals of reconnection.

Finding Peace.

It can be daunting to start therapy, you are acknowledging that you may have to sit with some discomfort.

And we are here to help you.

As therapists, we will be your guide and help your family have productive conversations with respect and boundaries.

Reach out today for a free consultation, and we can help your family start the conversation.


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