Art Therapy

Tell your story another way.

Sometimes it's hard to communicate what you feel and think with words alone.

Telling the same stories about yourself over and over again to others, you stay stuck in a view of your life that is limiting.

You may have had little no progress in traditional talk therapy and are looking for something to push you out of your comfort zone.

Whenever we try something new, we learn something about ourselves.

The decision to engage in therapy can be difficult and it can help to engage in an activity while you're gradually opening up.

It's all about expression.

When we use art, we tap into the subconscious areas that words typically don't have access to. Through art therapy we can express freely and learn about ourselves in a deeper way.

We're not creating masterpieces here, and many people find it so helpful to be able to make 'mistakes' and take chances that seem too scary out in the 'real world.'

Art therapy allows for more possibilities.

Art therapy enables both the client and the therapist to gain a different perspective on a problem or situation.

Art therapy provides a cathartic expression.

Art therapy can be used as a mindfulness exercise to help bring you and keep you in the present moment as you are creating.

Art therapy has been shown to improve self-esteem as you gain mastery and confidence over time.

The best part is, you don't need to have any prior experience with art to engage in art therapy.

You won't have to buy anything additional to engage in art therapy unless you have absolutely no art materials.

Play and grow.

One of the most valuable aspects of art therapy is the child-like playfulness that comes from creating something without any expectations or dire consequences. As adults, think about how often you get a chance to play?

Owner and Lead Therapist of Resilient Heart Therapy, Cheryl Tarnofsky, is an Art Therapist. I am here to guide you through art-based interventions depending on what you're going through.

There may be times where the activity is more structured and other times where it's totally loose and open to intrepretation.

The more we do hard things in therapy, the easier it comes to translating and implementing these skills in our daily lives.

So if you’re interested in trying a different approach to therapy, something that can push you out of your comfort zone and into the depths of who you are, I would love to talk to you.

Reach out below for a free 20 minute consultation, and ask to work with Cheryl if you are specifically looking for art therapy. Let's get you started now!


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