Couples Therapy

Tension. Conflict. Distance.

You and your partner are struggling to communicate. There is constant blaming and no one feels heard.

Both of you are stressed out, balancing work and other personal responsibilities.

You want to feel closer and enjoy time together, but the distance seems like too much.

Perhaps one of you is also in eating disorder recovery and your relationship needs support during this challenging time.

One partner may not be sure how to navigate supporting their partner in recovery. And the partner in recovery may not be sure how to communicate what they need.

That is okay, you are human.

You know you want to prioritize your relationship, but so far nothing has worked.

You have tried to communicate, and perhaps things improve for a little while. Inevitably, you both slide back into old habits.

You both want to be happy, and we know avoiding the problems may lead to the end of the relationship.

A relationship is like a flower, it must be watered and tended to.

Creating a space of listening and understanding can transform your relationship. In couples therapy, you will acquire new skills to fight through the tension and conflict, and let go of the anger and resentment.

You are able to revive and rejuvenate your relationship by tending to it - learning communication skills, letting go of trying to be right and listening to what your partner needs.

Couples therapy will walk you through how to tend to your relationship and help you create the relationship you want to be in.

Together, we will break down the relationship problems and goals. Then, we will learn and practice skills specifically to target specific problems.

Each partner will identify their conflict pattern and be able to approach communication and conflict differently.

Ultimately, you two will learn about yourself and how you want to show up as a partner in a relationship.

Embracing the calm.

After couples therapy, you will still have normal arguments just like any other couple, but you will have the tools to approach them in a new way, making them overall less stressful and able to bounce back easily.

You will get to enjoy the benefits of your relationship, instead of focusing on the things not going right.

It can be intimidating to reach out and share your relationship struggles.

We understand the fear, and we are here to support you in a non-judgmental space. We use evidence-based practices to help you shape your ideal relationship.

It's time to get on the same page.

With a trained Gottman's therapist, you don’t have to do it all on your own. With years of experience with couples just like you, we can guide you through what’s impacting the relationship the most so that neither party has to feel unhappy for much longer.

The end result?

You'll be able to resolve conflict smoothly, with less residual pain

You'll feel heard and seen by your partner

You can finally be in the relationship you both really desire

Reach out today for a free consultation, and we can help you get started on working towards your ideal relationship.


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