Individual Therapy

Feeling like you've reached the end of your rope?

The level of stress you’re experiencing now is way beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

You're not sleeping well, constantly on edge, and one second away from exploding at those around you.

And what feels worse is that you can’t even feel calm when you're alone, in fact, the anxiety worsens when you’re not able to distract yourself.

You feel trapped and not sure what to do.

You’re not alone in this feeling. Many people we've worked with felt this exact way before starting on their therapy journey.

The great news is, it’s possible to not feel this way with the right help.

Hoping things work themselves out.

We’ve all been there, hoping that things get better if we just think about the issue a little harder.

As a woman, it's very possible that so many others depend on you, that you think there's no way that you can take time out for yourself to heal.

The problem is, when you’re in your own mind so much, it’s impossible to get an unbiased, objective perspective.

We end up getting even more stuck in our heads, feeling like we’re lost in a maze and losing hope that things can get better.

Individual therapy can be the solution.

Therapy is a way of getting a better view of the situation.

Imagine as if you're in the middle of a swimming pool, barely staying afloat, surrounded by water that is weighing you down.

Your therapist is standing directly above the pool on the diving board, able to get a full view of what’s going on.

The idea is for your therapist to help lift you onto the diving board so that you too can see your issues from an observed perspective to gain clarity on what you need to do next.

In the confidential, non-judgmental space I provide, you can voice out what has been happening on the inside and put it into actual words, for potentially the first time ever.

By voicing it aloud, we no longer have to resist it on the inside. And what we stop resisting, stops persisting.

It's time to stop treading water.

Our goal is very simple, to get you back on track and feeling better quickly.

With a therapist, you don’t have to do it all on your own. With years of experience in the field and education, we can guide you through what’s bothering you the most so that you don’t suffer for much longer.

The end result?

  • You can learn about your triggers to avoid or skillfully work through them

  • You can gain greater peace by being able to effectively identify/ challenge your feelings and thoughts

  • You can finally take care of yourself

At Resilient Heart Therapy- we use a combination of DBT, CBT, and exposure therapy to help you get skills and results.

We know that at this moment things can feel bleak, but we can help you take that 180 turn.

We can help you attain feelings of calm, of self-fulfillment so you can get on the upwards path and wake each day feeling confident in yourself and your abilities.

So if you’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own, if you're ready to have the roadmap to feeling better, then we're here to help.

Reach out below for a free 20-minute consultation and let’s get started.


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